Dharma Shala

The term Dharma Shala is a traditional concept in India, denoting hosting geared towards people in the mood to retreat, spiritual quest, insight and harmony with nature. The literal translation means "place of spirituality."

In India, it is common for the "tirthas" or "dhamas" (holy pilgrimage sites), there are hotels and Inns, retain a transcendental spiritual atmosphere and environment. These locations are called Dharma shalas.

It is said that what characterizes a sacred place are the "sadhus" (holy people) that reside or pass through it. Pilgrims and visitors seeking the Dharma shalas seek to escape the mundane and conventional tourism, and end up creating these sites, convergence centers of holy people, or "Sadhus", and consequently a spiritual environment.

Pousada Dharma Shala works to their guests have the same feeling they had in the east, without losing the comfort and structure characteristic of the West. Each room has a name and decor of a "Holy Dhama" that help the guest to make the trip.

The main goal is to express to the exuberant Atlantic Forest, this concept originated from the more spiritual and mystical place in the world: India.