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• Event and Retreats

Promote retreats and courses periodically.
For details, contact the email:, and see the dates you prefer.
Also entered the Inn for Yoga teachers or holistic events. Please contact us!

• What to bring and important reminders:

We have a few reminders to visitors for a smooth stay and better utilization of the days in our ecovillage:

1) We are in an environment of Ashram, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, within the Bocaino Mountains National Park, so come look with the spirit of simplicity and the desire for harmony with nature, respecting the characteristics of the site.

2) Recommended items: flashlight, umbrella, insect repellent, shoes indoor, suitable for field shoes, swimsuit, towel waterfall;

3) Following the tradition of spiritual sanctuary, in some areas the Ecovillage NOT ALLOWED to enter with shoes, for so if they wish not to be barefoot, we encourage guests to bring socks or slippers for indoors: Living room, dining room, bedrooms, Temple and Yoga shop;

4) Towels and covered can not get out of the rooms. If they wish, they can bring towels for use in waterfalls.

5) Our hours of close social areas is 22:00 pm;

6) We have a bazaar with oriental items, and accept cash or check.

7) We have a Temple of Bhakti Yoga, with ceremonies at 04:30, 07:30 and 18:30. All are welcome to participate if they wish.

8) We remind parents that due to roughness of the site, is not recommended to leave unsupervised children to avoid accidents.

9) In case of diapers, we ask that if possible stockpile used separately from the rest of the trash and bring back to town because we can not recycle them.

10) We do not serve coffee because the Vedic tradition. But if someone needs, can bring instant and provide hot water.

11) drinking alcohol or consuming animal products (meat and fish) is prohibited;

12) To set the rest of the host at check-in, bring cash or check; We do not accept cards.