The Guesthouse

The Dharma Shala Inn is right in the center Ecovilla Goura Vrindávana

which in turn is inside the paradise of Bocaino Mountains National Park, in the mountains of Costa Verde, and the tourist and historic city of Paraty, in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro.

The Ecovilla, founded in 1984, prioritized in principle livelihoods through handicraft production and agroecology Banana Raisin.

His simple lifestyle and goals of human betterment and uplift, has attracted over the years people around the world, which inspired the creation of a place for those friends and supporters could be accommodated in the heart of Atlantic Forest, combining comfort, structure and wellness, with simplicity, warmth and ruggedness of the forest.

In this context was born the Dharma Shala Inn, your stay to provide "an ecological and spiritual sanctuary in the heart of the Atlantic."