About us

Pousada Dharma Shala was designed, built and is managed by the couple Acyutananda dasa (Antonio Carlos) and Krishna Priya devi dasi (Flavia), residents of Ecovilla Goura Vrindávana and practitioners of Bhakti Yogi since the mid 90s.

Acyuta met Bhakti-Yoga in 1996.'s Degree in International Relations and a graduate degree in Environmental Analysis and Assessment, PUC-RJ. Lived in the U.S. for over 5 years, where he studied and managed a Brazilian subsidiary of Foreign Trade. After this experience, he decided to change the paradigm of life and devote himself exclusively to spiritual life. Disciple of Swami Purushatraya, had his experience as Bhramacary (celibate monk) living in a monastery and watching his master in missionary journeys and spiritual pilgrimages in India. Initiated the project inspired by the instructions of the Inn and mission of Swami Purushatraya in Goura Vrindávana who advised to learn and perform the work with his own hands. Today he presides Ecovilla Goura Vrindávana and manages the tourist department, and general aspects of the site, along with a team of residents.

Priya is dedicated to vegetarian and spiritual life since 1998. Yet in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Interior Design and Pedagogy. He joined the 1st class of Bhakti Shastra Seminary of Philosophy in Campina Grande, led by his master Dhanvantari Swami. Was delighted with the Ecovilla Goura Vrindávana in 2004 when you can see the real beauty of country life and the opportunity to redeem their relationship with Mother Nature. Here she learned to sew, embroider and cook and today she is manager and chef of the Inn, which always seeks to bring colors, aromas, textures and flavors to your dishes, which are the heart and soul of those who appreciate them fill with love and satisfaction. The gastronomy of the Inn is one of the strengths of the site, due to its constant dedication and creativity.