A Food is an act on double track, giving and receiving. A chance of loving exchange when the donor creates, prepares, handles and serves food for a receiver that trusts him. Both channels must be open for this moment.
So cooking is a sacred act, an act of celebration of life and love of mother nature that gives both us and always keeps us.
That way the kitchen is a temple, the spices are magical, fire is divine, and the food offerings of love.
Love God, love of neighbor, love of the universe.

The kitchen of the Dharma Shala is an attraction part, and it works this way. Famous for rich cuisine that comes out of it, is one of the main attractions of the Inn. The breakfast is bringing the delights of rural cooking: breads, homemade organic yogurt, butter cookies, freshly baked cakes, aromatic pulp, seasonal fruits, homemade granola, honey, exotic juices, medicinal teas, etc..
Everything done here.
Besides the unparalleled and pure fresh milk of cows from the farm. Protected and created with love cows provide us with a sweet and full of gratitude milk.

At lunch we can learn a bit of traditional Indian dishes such as dahls (soup beans), sabjis (mix of sauteed vegetables), chavals (mixed rice).
Apart from delicacies like chapatis (bread on the plate), the puris (fried bread), the famous samossas (homemade pastries) and cachoris (stuffed dumplings).
To these we can add the flavors of salads typical Atlantic forest with leaves and flowers of the region.
In addition, other flavors of the world also appear here and are always welcome to our table!

The evening snack is always a lighter and tasty meal that prepares us for a good night's sleep. Can be creams, breads, risottos, pies and salads. To end the day full and happy!








*On holidays and special dates work with sealed packages. See the programming page or contact us for details. 

No break packages or returning values of reserves in case of withdrawal

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