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After a challenging year of 2020, come and join us to celebrate personal transformations and invoke all good energies for a lighter and more hopeful 2021...


The Dharma Shala Inn is situated right in the center Vrindávana Ecovilla Goura, and guests and visitors have the opportunity to experience up close the day-to-day of an alternative community, a bucolic atmosphere and its activities, in simple everyday life rural and monastic.

Some of the activities that are experienced in our Ecovilla:
Meditation in Temple:
Following the tradition of Indian temples, practice 3 types of meditation in our temple: Japa, Kirtan and bhajan.

Japa is the daily and introspective individual and mantric meditation, done with a rosary of 108 beads. Bhajana is the collective mantric meditation with traditional Bangladeshi instruments, but musically smoother.

Kirtana is also meditation with chanting of mantras, but more dynamic and ecstatic, then dance.

Seminars and Reading of Scripture
In line Gaudiya Vaishnava, two of the most sacred scriptures are the Srimad-Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-Gita.

In our retreats, as well as the day-to-day temple, and seminars promote studies of these scriptures in order to promote a more philosophical understanding of the world we live in, about the Supreme Power, and our relationship with her.

Monthly promote retreats Yoga and Relaxation, especially on holidays.

New Year, Carnival and Easter are the most popular, with different activities.

You do not need prior knowledge of Yoga and Vedic Philosophy, just be open to living a full and rich experience. Stay tuned programming!

On weekends and holidays we promote:

• Courses Vegetarian Cooking and Indiana
• Courses in Astrology
• Courses Alternative Therapy
Here is a beautiful yoga practice space with 108m2 and overlooking the Atlantic Virgin Bocaino Mountains and sea - Bahia Ilha Grande. A place fully integrated nature, ideal for their communion with spirituality, conventions and even festivities.

You have a yoga group or activity you would like to bring? Please contact us! We will welcome you with love and satisfaction.

Therapies and relaxations
We have a team of partners to serve you in this very special moment.

• Ayurvedic Massage with essential oils
• Massotherapy
• Reflexology
• Massage with Bamboo

You must call in advance to make sure the availability

Ecological Walks
Our Ecovilla has a territory with a total of 850 hectares, being largely comprised of virgin Atlantic forest, in a valley with many water springs, waterfalls and beautiful cahoeiras tracks AFS (Agroforestry), where visitors can experience depth with the natural life of the mountains and the mystical contact with the energy of the forest

Paraty is a small and beautiful town on the Costa Verde region. Surrounded by Atlantic Forest and awarded the title of National Heritage has become a city full of charm which offers comfort and fun for every type of tourist. With beautiful beaches, waterfalls and many delightful walks to suit all tastes.

Among the tours offered by the city to cite Trinity Village with its waterfalls and beaches, Praia do Sono, Ponta Negra, the bag Mamanguá by the lush beauty and still little known and of course the historic center of Paraty allowing us to walk in time, back in the heyday of the gold and the large sugar mills.

We have accredited with a beautiful menu of tours to guide you! Get in touch!


*On holidays and special dates work with sealed packages. See the programming page or contact us for details. 

No break packages or returning values of reserves in case of withdrawal

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